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*Duplicate dentures are replicas of your existing denture. They fit exactly the same. The shade of the teeth can be changed to a shade that you prefer

*Pickup/return service available in limited area for a small fee






"Lori is a 3rd generation dental lab owner. She has been in the dental field over 40 years.


She has acquired credentials/certifications in 3 different dental disciplines of dental technology.

Working side by side with local dentists, Lori provides denture repairs, implant, & crown/bridge 



With a combination of art, science and quality craftsmanship, you can be confident of a professional outcome with long lasting results. Her attention to detail shows a conscientious concern for restoring your smile."

Customer reviews from yelp:

 "Last night I broke my lower plate. I sent out a few emails to see who could repair them. Lori was the only one who responded back to me within an hour. I took my plate to her this morning at 9:30 and by 11 am she had the repair completed. I was so happy. I highly highly recommend her. She was so professional and caring. I love knowing I can contact her anytime for a quick repair or an additional backup pair. Thank you so much Lori. I truly appreciated your talent."

"I found Lori on line for the first time. She closes at 5pm but she was so patient enough to wait for me rushing to her place after work. She did a very good job with my broken denture. I waited less than 45 minutes and she did a superb job. Very nice, caring, and sweet person. Her work is superb and professionally done. I highly recommend her in a heartbeat."


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